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Gliders; Location:- Hampshire
New unflown power glider 3500mm PNP

Gliders; Location:- Leicestershire
Irvine X IT flying wing with servo's good condition

Gliders; Location:- Somerset
1510mm wingspan version, with Zippy 700mah LiFe battery. Add receiver to fly.

Gliders; Location:- Cheshire
Carbon poky 40

Gliders; Location:- Cheshire
Aresti 108

Gliders; Location:- Lincolnshire
Wizard Compact X-tail.

Gliders; Location:- Leicestershire
Wanted mt cobra glider tales

Gliders; Location:- Nottinghamshire
Rx ready. Great slope machine.

Gliders; Location:- Oxfordshire
Ready to fly, just add receiver 1:4 scale 5m span

Gliders; Location:- Staffordshire
Kerr Boar Moulded slope soarer 1 Metre span

Gliders; Location:- Staffordshire
Carrera Mk2 slope soarer 63" Span

Gliders; Location:- Berkshire
Phase 6

Gliders; Location:- Surrey
My Last message before 'Moving on' to the guy who tricked me into sending him £100.00