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12 X CAA Operator ID Stickers - Labels For Your Aircraft, Helicopters and Drones
Expires 25-Jan-2022 10:59:36 AM
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Advert ID 118313
The characters on the labels are over 3mm tall as required by the CAA and the width varies depending on the number of characters which are 10 - 19 at the moment. I will supply you with 12x CAA Operator ID Sticker Labels for applying to your models. The Stickers will be printed in Black on a White Background. If you would prefer them on a clear background just add the word "Clear Black Text" after you have entered your Operator ID. If you would prefer White text on a clear background add the words "Clear White Text" in the same Paypal box on the order page. Simply add your Operator Number and any other info in the Paypal box on the website listed below and your Labels will be winging their way to you. Please visit my website and order your stickers which cost £4.95 including Postage. You can choose to have 12 Operator-ID's or 10 Operator-ID's and 2 Flyer ID's. Just copy and paste the web address below into your browser and it will take you straight to the order page where you can safely use Paypal or debit/credit card. >>>>>>> <<<<<<<(just copy and paste into your search bar)<<<<<<<
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