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Radio Gear & Simulators
JR 28X tx with NX8925 xbus servos; 712BX rx plus new HD xbus hub
Expires 26-Sep-2018 04:44:43 PM
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JR 28X transmitter in pristine condition. Has everything it came with new including, top of the range custom Jr case, charger with interchangeable "pins" to suit all main global socket types. The comprehensive manual, SD card. It is fitted with the optional 2nd tx battery for maximum flying time. Very little used. Also JR RG712X xbus receiver as new condition. Four JR NX8925 high voltage x-bus servos. Torque:11.7 (4.8V) /16.0 (6.6V) /17.8 (7.4V)kg・cm Speed:0.10 (4.8V) /0.07 (6.6V) /0.06 (7.4V) Sec/60° Weight:72g In addition included is a brand new boxed JR XB2-CHB heavy duty xbus dual redundancy hub. Dual Redundancy System The XB2-CHB provides connection for Dual XBus Receivers as well as Dual Battery Packs for the ultimate in redundancy and simplicity. Unlimited Extendability The XB2-CHB offers 3 Heavy Duty and 1 Standard XBus outputs. By adding optional XBus servo adapters and ports (sold separately), the XB2-CHB servo connections can be selected as needed to suit any installation requirements. Specifications Dimensions: 71mm x 44mm x 19mm (including mounting tabs) Weight: 61g Expansion ports: 3 Heavy Duty +1 Standard XBus Dual Sleeve Antenna Type Operating voltage: 4.5V ~ 8.5V
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