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Airframes & Kits
Extreme Flight Extra 58" - Bargain High Performance Electric Hack
Expires 23-Oct-2018 02:39:07 PM
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Advert ID 67783
I'm reluctantly selling was has become my high performance aerobatic 'hack.' I've had so much fun with this well flown model. It brings a smile to my face every time i fly it. It's scruffy in places. The canopy split and was glued back together using resin. New ones can still be purchased for £25. THe model suffered damage underneath on two occasions when the undercarriage was ripped off on a wet landing strip. This repairs were carried out carefully, and the model is stronger than it ever was. THe model also incurred damage from a few heavy landings and a light collision with a young willow tree! But again, I repaired the model well, and it's stronger than it was when new. I'm not great at applying film, so some of the covering is scruffy in places, but it's an easy fix for anyone with the skills. There is minor tearing to the rudder film, which is simply taped over, because i didn't have the confidence to try to recover it. The entire model is fine as it is, but it's not as pretty as it once was! It's running the following: Turnigy SK5055-580KV motor, Turnigy Plush 100A ESC, APC propeller, Futaba S3001 servos all round, Push/pull rudder. I've glued two crbon strips along the back edge of the rudder, as it suffered minor damage during a heavy landing. The rudder is now stiff and taught. I fly the plane on 400 - 500mah 6s lipos, which yield unlimited performance. The plane is fast and flies straight and true. It flies like it's on rails! In short, it flies eactly like you would expect an extreme fligh model to fly. It's capable of every trick in the book. It comes with one spare wing. Although a bit scruffy this model has lots of years flying left in it. I've priced this to sell, given it's condition. Normally these sell for between £275 - £300. So this is a real steal.
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