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Hyper Ava 4m F5J Price Now Reduced
South Yorkshire
Expires 28-Aug-2019 04:28:07 PM
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Advert ID 81516
Hyper Ava 4 metre span super floater from Vladimir’s Models- complete with deep pink ( faded) red padded carry all. Never damaged as a result of being flown, however a friend did reverse his sports car over one wing tip but Hypeflight( thank to Neil) replaced it with one that matched.crashed, few years old now, some hanger rash, there was tiny cracks in the pod gel coat around the canopy opening which has been filled and resprayed, there are one or two punctures to the film covering primarily on the underside. The joint between pod and boom has been wrapped with a carbon cuff as a preventative measure as this is a known weak spot. This glider has a particular sentimental attachment for me as it got me 3rd Place in F5J Comp in Holic, Slovakia, a few years back (and I have the cup to prove it! ) Its not getting used at all these days so parting company, the plane is equipped with a Kontronik Fun 500 Motor with 6.7:1 motor selection of metal geared servos – Hyperion’s etc on Rudder and Elevator, with tower mg servos on spoilers, individually wired and 60 amp esc. Can be supplied with 3 or 4s lipo and appropriate folding prop as required. Weighs approx. 1900 grams but flies at well under 8 ounces to sq. ft loading. i.e a true floater Collect only - South Yorkshire £600 ovno P.S for the record, the bad bits:- The red carry bag is now only a dark pink has faded a bit, there are some flakes of balsa floating around in one of the rib bays in the main wing which are visible through the covering, Oh and there is a very tiny chip on the folding prop. If you are looking for a brand new Hyper Ava then please buy one, and it will set you back around £1500 quid, this one is fully equipped just add rx and fly for half that cost / price. The description is accurate.
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