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Airframes & Kits
Posted By: Marc Scully
Expires 22-Sep-2019 03:03:30 PM
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The VIXEN is a sports jet designed by myself and manufactured by Xtreme ARF, its an all composite fabrication with sandwich technology and carbon reinforcement in high stress areas. Its 2667mm long (105') and has a span of 2388mm (94') the AUW is from 18-22kg depending on turbine choice etc - 180N - 250N It was designed to deliver a proper sports jet experience but with mild manners so it could be flown slow if required with very stable attributers, if pushed it would perform all the classic fast jet shapes with ease. The wings are dog toothed to improve the stall thresholds, the landing gear has a wide stance (electrons) for great ground handling, the fuselage splits just rear of the wing for easy transport. It has built in hard points for wing tanks if required (customer supplied) and has a belly mounted speed brake for additional drag when performing aerobatics that require down leg speed moderation. My jet was flown at Jet Power in Germany and at a few jet meetings around the UK but has been unused for the last 3+ years due to other commitments. It has been dry stored and is in perfect unmarked condition. It runs Futaba RX, JR servos, Powerbox electronics and has a Jet Italia (new) turbine ready to drop in. The original Jet Italia Atom 250 which was installed for the original test flying has been exchanged for the Lion 220N as the 250 had too much residual trust - the 220N turbine is a perfect match. Painted outside the mould in a unique colour scheme for maximum impact. The internal formers are a carbon/nomex sandwich fabrication for strength and lightness, there are two tanks close to the CG which feed one of my own DCAT 260ml airtraps via two pickups fitted with my Bullet clunks for optimum bubble free running. If you want something that is not your run of the mill sports jet, something that stands out from the crowd and a peach to fly then this is it. Video links and pictures available on request as file size restrictions prevent me posting decent image.
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