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Electric Flight Accessories
Optipower Lipos
Expires 06-Jun-2020 06:33:56 PM
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Views 697
Advert ID 92694
Lipos Prices each Used packs Opti Power 6s 4300 ultra x2 £30 6s 3500 ultra x1 £20 6s 2700 ultra x4 £20 3s 2150 ultra x3 £10 Hacker 3s 3000mah top fuel x1 £15 Thrust 4s 1300mah fpv x3 £10 Eflite 3s 1350 30c x 4 £5 3s 1300 20c x1 £5 3s 2200 30c x1 £5 2s 1300 20c x3 £5 Dynamite 3s 2200 20c x1 £10 Overlander 2s 2200mah rx packs £15 Brand new Opti Power 3s 3650 35c x 3 £25 2s 1450mah x1 £10 3s 2150 35c £10 3s 5000 25c uav pack £30 Cube 6s 3600 30c £35 Gens ace 3s 2200 25c x3 £15
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