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Posted By: David James
Expires 27-Sep-2020 06:14:40 PM
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The Firecracker lost out to the Tucano in the 1977 competition for an RAF jet trainer - mainly for political reasons. This 1/3 scale, own-design, model is turboprop-powered (like the original) so it sounds and looks right on the ground and in the air. It features retracts with damped oleo struts and wheel-brakes, flaps, air-brake and a full set of lights. The twin landing lights on the nose-leg are particularly effective. Full-depth detailed cockpit with crew members. The Wren turboprop has less than an hour's running since it was completely overhauled. It gives a thrust-to-weight ratio of almost one and a sparkling performance. The wide undercarriage makes it easy to land, and handle on the ground. Span: 104 inches, length: 109 inches, weight: 42 pounds. It is ready to fly - if you have a Futaba Tx - otherwise I can remove the two 6014 Rxs.
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