The Government are implementing temporary Air Space Restrictions and Signal jamming that may affect control systems for model aircraft and drones from July 22nd – August 9th, to “ensure the delivery of a safe and secure Games.

Full details of the restrictions are available from

You can use the Altitude Angel Drone Safety Map at to check if your flying site is in the restricted area.

You will not be able to fly a model aircraft or drone in the restricted areas. West Midlands Police will have drone enforcement teams actively patrolling the games footprint. These specialist teams are able to detect, track and identify model aircraft and drone activity. Those that breach regulations could have their equipment seized and face prosecution.

It should also be remembered that your insurance is for lawful recognised activity and anyone flying in the restricted airspace could be setting themselves outside the terms of their insurance.

We have contacted the West Midlands Police seeking exemptions for established club sites, as we were able to obtain during the CoP26 conferences in Glasgow last year. Unfortunately, due to the multiple locations for the games, and the number of participants the Police were not prepared to accept any recreational flying of unmanned aircraft in the affected area from 22nd July – August 9th.

We received the following response from West Midlands Police.

“For the forthcoming Commonwealth Games I’m sure you can appreciate there is a significant security operation taking place. Part of this operation incorporates Air Security. With the volumes of countries; teams; athletes and spectators attending the numerous venues, it has been necessary to implement a temporary restriction on the airspace across the region.

Whilst trying not to impact the daily operations of commercial bodies too much, the intention is to maintain as sterile an airspace picture as possible. Therefore anyone wishing to operate within this restricted airspace will require authorisation from West Midlands Police. 

We then have to consider the necessity of the application, and implications should the proposed activity not take place. As such, whilst applications are welcome, I can state that any recreational or hobbyist activity will be declined, and this applies to both manned and unmanned aerial activities.

Whilst we appreciate this is not the response your were hoping for, we hope you can understand the necessity and justification behind it. And to just to confirm the unmanned aircraft restriction is active from 0600 UTC 22/07/22 through till 0559 UTC 28/07/22, at which point the restriction becomes applicable to all aircraft manned and unmanned until 0600 UTC 09/08/22.

We can only apologise for the impact this may have on your clubs activities.”

Please note that at the present time the restriction also includes control line flying, however we have submitted a request to permit control line flying as the nature of the activity means the prohibition is entirely unreasonable. If a permission is received, we will make an announcement on this news feed.  If you have not yet subscribed to receive news notifications from here, we would recommend you subscribe using the form above left.