When you join the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) or the British Drone Flyers (BDF) you are taking part in the development of model aircraft and drone flying in the United Kingdom. You become part of the National Governing Body dedicated to the promotion and protection of the sport at all levels. You are welcome to join the BMFA either as a member of an affiliated club, or as an individual.

Whether you join as a BMFA or BDF member or as part of an affiliated club or as an individual you benefit from the same class leading liability insurance package and the best levels of support and assistance available.

You can instantly join the BMFA and BDF using our online membership portal by clicking the button below.


Membership can be arranged online or by telephone 0116 2440028.

BMFA Membership
Senior £47.00 £36.00 (Expires 31/12/2024)
Junior £20.00 £15.00 (Expires 31/12/2024)

Family Memberships
A minimum of 1 Senior member is required in the family before the discounted memberships below are available.

Family Partner/Spouse £30.00 £22.00 (Expires 31/12/2024)

Family Junior  £15.00 £11.00 (Expires 31/12/2024)

Please note all BMFA memberships purchased from 01/12/2023 run until 31/12/2024

British Drone Flyers Membership

Adult £47.00
Youth £20.00

Membership runs for 12 months from the day of joining.