Q What types of insurance are included with my BMFA membership?
A Civil liability insurance and personal accident insurance.
Q  Are there any admin charges or is there an excess if I have to claim?
A  No, there are no hidden costs or charges in the event you have to claim.
Q What about insurance cover if I am not displaying a valid Operator Id on my aircraft?
A Insurance cover can only be fully assured for ‘lawful activities’ and if you do not comply (if required by law) then you will be operating unlawfully, and your insurance cover could be in question in the event of a claim. It is also important to note that any legal costs and/or punitive financial sanctions incurred by an individual member under criminal law as a result of non-compliance will be outside the scope of cover.The BMFA’s affiliated clubs will remain fully protected by the BMFA’s insurance in the event of a claim made against them, should individual members be found to be non-compliant.
Q I have had my aeromodelling equipment stolen. Does the insurance included as part of BMFA membership provide cover to replace the stolen items?
A No.
Q What level of cover does the civil liability insurance provide?
A Up to £25 million per claim
Q I will not be joining a club. Can I still join the BMFA and be insured?
A Yes. You will join as a county member and receive exactly the same insurance benefits as members who join through a club.
Q I have been told that the BMFA insurance only provides cover if I am flying at a BMFA affiliated club. Is this correct?
A No, completely incorrect, the insurance provides cover worldwide for lawful recognised activity.
Q I have been told that I will be uninsured if I fly unsupervised without having attained an A certificate. Is this true?
A No, Cover is in place for all types of models as long as you are a fully paid up member of the BMFA no matter what achievement scheme certificates you may or may not hold.
Q When does my insurance cover start?
A As with many seemingly simple questions there is often more than one answer.

Membership through an Affiliated Club

BMFA insurance cover commences from the moment you pay the BMFA element of your Club joining fee to your nominated Club official; you do not have to wait for receipt of your BMFA membership card.  The most important factor is that the club have collected the fee and have formally registered you as a paid up member of your Club.

Country Member

A Country Member is one who applies directly to Chacksfield House for membership, either by telephone or online, or joins at the BMFA stand at a show.  Here the member is technically insured from the date we receive and process the application; however, they do not receive their membership card until a few days later (postal services permitting).

Q Does the insurance provide cover for me to fly my model using First Person View?
A Yes.  (see www.bmfa.org/Info/ModelFlyingTypes/FirstPersonView(FPV) for details of lawful FPV flying)
Q Am I covered to fly a multi-rotor?
A Yes, the BMFA insurance covers you to fly all types of model aircraft, fixed wing, helicopters, gas turbine and multi-rotors (sometimes referred to as drones) flown either control line, free flight or radio control either line of sight or FPV.
You are also covered for model rocketry, trains, boats and cars.
 Q Am I covered if I am taking photographs and video?
 A Yes. As long as you are taking the photographs or video on a recreational basis.