Carrier has challenges – and satisfactions – that are not present in any other aeromodelling discipline. Your model is required to emulate the basic characteristics of naval aviation which require you to operate it from a miniature aircraft carrier and, throughout your flight, to avoid all contact with the ground – because, of course, it’s water!

After your take-off from the carrier’s deck, you will execute a maximum speed flight, equivalent to combat interception. This is followed by a minimum speed flight, equivalent to endurance patrolling. You will finally execute an arrested landing back on board the deck.

Pilots always fly one at a time and can regulate the rate at which they progress through the different stages of their flight. This, most importantly, make it easier for a beginner whilst they are acclimatising themselves to the particular requirements of this contest discipline.

The entry-level class is ‘Basic Carrier Deck’ (BCD) which requires merely scale-like models - profile fuselages are the norm - with only the extra control systems of engine throttle and arrester hook allowed. For beginners, this can often be achieved by the conversion of an existing sport model. A further variant of BCD called SLow Only Basic is SLOB! This is for pilots who feel unable to safely execute the maximum speed flight stage by virtue of age or temporary or permanently physical impairment, but who still wish to experience the uniqueness of slow flying or the unmatched satisfaction of an arrested landing.

For the expert pilots or those who desire greater building or flying challenges, there is also ‘Class 1’, which instead requires purpose-built full-scale models that can contain as many fast and slow flying aids as the pilot desires.

Carrier runs Weekend Workshops across the UK and at these and other events undertakes its own hands-on flight training with models and instructors (and certificates of success!) provided. Carrier has been described by many as, unusually, a ‘Sport-flying’ competition and this characteristic has produced a group of fliers that are known for their willingness to support newcomers by the provision of technical and physical assistance at contests, plus equipment, plans and advice at all other times.

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