RC helicopters come in all shapes and sizes from the tiny ‘in the palm of your hand’ ones to the impressive large scale or turbine helicopters….. there is something for everyone.


Although they are a challenge to fly, technology has made it a lot easier to learn.  Modern gyros have self-stabilising which can be toned down as you progress.


In the early days of rc helicopters you had to have considerable modelling and mechanical skills to build & set up a helicopter.  These days it is possible to buy Ready To Fly models at a reasonable cost.


Gone are the days of tuning and setting up engines, which was always a challenge for consistency and reliability; due to the advent of battery technology it is simply a matter of plug and play.


There are numerous BMFA clubs around the country, both heli only and mixed with fixed-wing flyers, where you will find heli enthusiasts ready to share their love of the sport and offer help and guidance if needed.

The Specialist Body within the BMFA representing all rc heli flyers is the AHA (Association of Helicopter Aerosports) which oversees the running of many rc heli competitions in the UK as well as a couple of funfly events.

Read more about the AHA at  www.theaha.co.uk