Friday and things are hotting up (as far as they can in a cold Salt mine), UK team used the day mostly for setting up and practice, strangely Tony’s No 1 model sustained damage overnight and had a broken tailplane in the morning setting him back by several hours. The first full motor flights were made by some competitors with flights up to and above the catwalk which is almost at the ceiling at 200′, watching models being steered by a balloon at that height is incredible, to do that yourself is another thing entirely, hopefully an experience I will share in later in the event.
In the UK team Hans has three models set up as close to perfection as possible, achieving launches on half motors to around 70 feet and durations of 12 mins, the air conditions are terrible today with considerable turbulence caused by the heat of many bodies rising and stirring things up, when the World Champs begin tomorrow it is expected that all persons will be moved from the main hall to a pits section at one end, that should solve the turbulence issue, this being possible because of the lower number of fliers together with restricted public access. When that is done durations should increase to expected times of 30 mins or more on a full motor.
My personal efforts (first time in high ceiling) have been rewarding, my half motor flights are up to 60 feet altitude and duration of 10mins 15 secs, we use half motors for practice as it keeps altitude and time down allowing more flights to be fitted in the time, plus it minimises the use of the expensive rubber that may only last two competitive flights before requires replacement.
Towards the end of the day I made the decision to make a competitive time, the model was processed to check it meets the requirements for the event and a timekeeper allocated, Tony provide backup with a spare pair of eyes, years of experience and moral support for the effort. I wound the motor to 26gram / centimetre torque and launched roughly in the centre of the floor, a good climb followed for around 5 mins to an altitude around 175′ (small speck) cruise was good as the air was better higher up, drift took it to end end of the cavern were several other models has also drifted and there the air stabilised allowing a gentle decent for a duration of 19 mins 43 secs just 17 secs behind my target.
For me a good way to end the build up to the World champs, practice day is tomorrow then three days of competition.
Look at the photos and zoom in, you should make out several models at altitude, mine is the one with the slightly swept back tailplane leading edge.
Pictures also of Hotel Roberto where everybody is staying and the Otto Hints winners.”
1st Emily Guyette USA
2nd Ivan Treger Slovakia
3rd Brett Sangborn USA
Terry Adams of Team GBR F1D