F1D World Champs Day 7

25/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor, International Team News

Today is the second of the World Championships and our 6th day in the mine, rounds 3 and 4 have been flown with some interesting results, from a personal perspective I needed to do a lot to improve on yesterdays dismal performance and think I came away successful. Air conditions in the mine were near … Read More

F1D World Champs Day Sunday

25/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor, International Team News

Arrived at the mines at 07:45 straight into practice until 09:00, at 09:00 round one starts, each competitor flies one flight per round, conditions early were very good with negligible drift, early in the round Ivan Treger (Slovakia) set a 27:37 flight, the UK team started off with Hans who got a 22:22 flight in … Read More

F1D World Champs day 4  official practice

24/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor

Early start, breakfast at 06:30, buses to the mine arrive at 07:30 Today is a day of free practice allowing competitors to finalise model set up for main and reserve models, not a great deal happening except get flights in, check and confirm trim, speculate on the drift for the competition days and get around … Read More

F1D World Champs Day 3 Otto Hints Trophy

22/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor

Friday and things are hotting up (as far as they can in a cold Salt mine), UK team used the day mostly for setting up and practice, strangely Tony’s No 1 model sustained damage overnight and had a broken tailplane in the morning setting him back by several hours. The first full motor flights were … Read More