CAA – Review of UK Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulations – BMFA/LMA Response

08/12/2023By BMFA CEOGeneral News

Further to our previous post ( regarding the CAA consultation on a review of the current regulations for unmanned aircraft systems along with proposals for the introduction of some new requirements including Remote I.D. We have been working in liaison with the Large Model Association to prepare a joint response to the consultation which may … Read More

BMFA Membership Fees for 2024

29/11/2023By BMFA CEOGeneral News

The 76th AGM took place on November 18th. In the face of reducing membership numbers, the Board proposed some significant cuts in expenditure coupled with an inflationary increase in the senior subscription rate to £45.  However, this proposal was amended by a vote of the AGM which set the rate to £47. Therefore, the subscriptions … Read More

BMFA Membership fees for 2024

21/11/2023By BMFAAdministratorGeneral News

The Board of the BMFA took an action from the Society AGM on Saturday 18th to look at the membership fees for Junior members. The board are meeting this week to do so and a statement on membership fees for all membership classes for 2024 will be posted later this week.

Model flying within the RAF Waddington Danger Area

01/11/2023By BMFAAdministratorGeneral News

With the relocation of the RAF Red Arrows, and the introduction of the unmanned Protector aircraft to RAF Waddington, the RAF have established a danger area with a radius of 5 nautical miles around RAF Waddington, which is generally active Mon-Fri between 0800-1630hrs.p Whilst active, the danger area prohibits the operation of any aircraft, including … Read More