Around the World in 8 hours Charity Distance Challenge

New for 2023 we would like to introduce the BMFA Charity distance challenge, 'Around the World in 8 Hours!' Where we hope as many clubs as possible will join us in a cumulative distance challenge to fly, at least, the equivalent distance of a complete circumnavigation of the globe. A total of  40,075km, of course we would love to smash that distance if possible.
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Location, date, time
The will take place using model aircraft and drones of all types and be a mass participation event at BMFA and SAA clubs and other flying sites throughout the UK. The attempt will take place between 1st July and 9th July 2023.  To enable as many clubs as possible to participate each club should select an 8 hour period on which ever day between 1st and 9th July best suits their site availability. Where a club does not have a continuous 8 hour period on a single day it is permitted to have sessions on more than 1 day as long as the total amount of time where distance is being recorded does not exceed 8 hours and the sessions are between 1st - 9th July.

Participants must hold current BMFA, British Drone Flyers or BMFA Youth Group membership or Scottish Aeromodellers Association membership. Novice flyers and non-members can also take part using a buddy system as long as the pilot in charge holds one of the mentioned memberships.

Flying Site Location Registration
Any location where the attempt will be taking place needs to be registered in advance. (Closing date for location registration is Friday 30th June) To register your flying site as a Record Attempt Location please complete the online form below.

Models and eligibility
All types of model aircraft and drones will be eligible to participate in the challenge. Models must be flown in accordance with the BMFA and local flying site rules.  The challenge can take place outdoors or indoors at any suitable flying site.

Challenge  co-ordinator
A club challenge co-ordinator must be appointed for each participating location. They will be responsible for ensuring the total flight distance is recorded and submitted to the BMFA.

Submitting Participation Details
A detailed instruction pack will be distributed to clubs and co-ordinators nearer the time.

Thank you for your interest in participating in this new challenge and hopefully we will be successful in creating another memorable event.

If there are any questions about the above, please contact the event co-ordinator, Andy Symons,

We are very excited to be attempting this challenge and would love your club to be a part of this amazing event.

This form should be completed by the Challenge Co-ordinator for the location being used if possible..

Enter the name of the club, Specialist Body, Technical Committee or BMFA Area organising the challenge attempt.
Please provide contact details for the person who will be acting as the Attempt Co-ordinator.