Executive Officers

Ian Pallister, FSMAE

Ian’s interest in model aircraft started in 1960 with catapult-launched plastic toys and quickly progressed to the all sheet rubber-powered scale models from Yeoman and KeilKraft.  He built his first single channel R/C model at the age of 12 and progressed through galloping ghost to a self-built proportional radio set bought with his first RAF pay packet in 1970. After gaining a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Southampton University and 400 hours of pilot training he served for 26 years as an RAF Engineer Officer, leaving as a Wing Commander in 2004. He then embarked on a second career in the Civil Service as a training manager at the RAF College Cranwell where he was the RAF liaison Officer for model flying at Barkston Heath for several years before finally retiring in 2018.

Throughout 11 years as Chairman of the RAF Model Aircraft Association Ian sat on the BMFA Areas Council.  During that time he competed in all disciplines flown by the RAFMAA as well as the BMFA Scale Indoor and Free Flight Nationals.  He was National Champion in Scale CO2/Electric in 1988 and in Peanut in 1992.

Ian has judged R/C Scale flying since 1979 and, on retirement from the RAF, was co-opted onto the BMFA Scale Technical Committee to organize the Scale Indoor Nationals which he did for 5 years. Remaining on the Scale TC for 10 years he held the posts of Treasurer, Chairman and Council Delegate.  He was elected Vice Chairman of the BMFA in November 2014 and took over as Chairman all too soon in October 2017 when his predecessor’s health deteriorated.   Ian was elected as a Fellow of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers in 2017.

An active member of two BMFA Clubs as well as the RAFMAA, Ian’s primary competitive involvement remains Scale (R/C and Free Flight) but he enjoys all forms of R/C flying including thermal and slope soaring as well as an ongoing dabble with helicopters, multi-rotors and FPV.

Ian lives in Lincolnshire and is married with two grown-up children and two grand-children

Non Executive Directors

Martyn Kinder
I started aeromodelling when I was 13 years old – in 1969, before that I built model boats. I became a SMAE member in 1971 and started flying Free Flight contests as a Junior, mainly A/1 and A/2 (as it was then) classes. My first Model Flying club was Syke Juniors, near Rochdale.

I started flying RC gliders in 1980, as I was (at the time) fortunately living only 4 miles from one of the best slope soaring sites in NW England, Blackstone Edge, off the Rochdale to Halifax road and  started R/C power flying shortly afterwards. However, I continued to fly competitive free flight as a member of Richmond DMAC until 1977 and latterly (following a change in location) Falcons Free Flight Team until 1995.

I had a few years off while my children got bigger but came back to the fold about 11 years ago flying mainly RC sports models.

I am the founder member and administrator of the UK Classic Aerobatic Association (UKCAA) which promotes the building, flying and competing of pre 1996 F3A Aerobatic aircraft and I am also a member of South Cheshire Radio Control Society, BARCS and the LMMGA. I am the club delegate for SCRCS.

My model flying interests are very broad ranging. I fly Classic F3A, R/C gliders, (Electric, Thermal and Slope) and general sports models.  As I am getting older, I am getting more interested in scale modelling and enjoy the additional challenge of building and flying this type of model.

Professionally, I design IT systems for a major UK Government Department. I have worked in IT for over 40 years. Working in the Government sector means that you need to develop a very pragmatic and diplomatic approach to working with people. This is one of my strengths, over the years I have worked very closely with a great many civil servants to develop and deliver successfully, some complex and costly IT projects.

I have also been a committee member on many local and national bodies. In fact, I first started committee work as Junior Captain of a sailing club when I was just 14 years old. I have worked on a number of committees including the British Astronomical Association and the Radio Society of Great Britain plus many club roles over the past 40 years. I enjoy working on committees and feel the time spent is a worthwhile contribution and satisfactory payback for an interest that I enjoy doing,

I was appointed BMFA-NW Area Webmaster at the end of 2017 and subsequently elected (in 2018) as Area Delegate and Chairman of the NW Area of the BMFA following the resignation of David Lloyd Jones due to ill health.

Area Delegates

Tony Waters

I have been Aeromodelling since the age of 12, starting with Control Line and moving into “Single Channel” radio at the age of 16, then onto Proportional Radio Control some 4 years later.

Many things have changed over the years, but the love for building and flying model aircraft is as strong as ever. Since I retired 11 years ago I have been able to spend much more time building and flying my models. I am a traditional balsa builder who loves to build from plans including WW2 scale where I post my builds on “ RCScaleBuilder.com” forum as YNOT-57. Over the years I have had all types of models from IC and Turbine but now I just use electric power for both Fixed Wing & Helicopter.

I have been a member of Raydon MAC for 30 years, and have served on the committee in a number of posts during this time, after a short illness which forced me to stand down from the committee, I am back to full health and now in the role of club Secretary once again.


Technical Committee and Other Delegates

Simon Dixon

I have been building and flying free flight models since I was a small boy initially under the guidance of my late father and his club mates. I started off with various Keil Kraft kits, the Ajax and the Senator rubber models being my favourites, progressing to St Leonards kits Performer rubber models and Satellite and Astaroid Gliders - these were much better and and could be regarded as competition models, the fact that their designer Jim Baguley was a club mate made it all the more special. 

So, as a teenager an engineering apprenticeship beckoned as well as both swimming and playing cricket competitively for my town my interest in free flight never waned. I built a few open rubber models, F1G’s and F1B’s as well as a couple of straight tow F1A gliders (which I never really got the hang of but still fancy a go). 

Around 15 years ago I switched disciplines to fly power models and something clicked, in so much as I seemed to be better at building and flying them than I ever was with the rubber models and gliders. I now fly pretty much all UK power classes and the pinnacle of my aero modelling career to date was an F1C Bronze team medal with Ken and Alan at the 2017 World champs in Hungary. 

High tech modern construction methods appeal to me, although I do buy what I cant make (or don't fancy making) including complete models on occasion. Having said that I love classic power models from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, I find making a balsa / tissue model most enjoyable and fun to fly.

My latest team place is for the 2022s European championships in North Macedonia.