So here we are at the last day of the World Champs, its been a long week with seven of them down the mine, its been around 11C down there so not cold but if you are not moving you can start to feel the chill.

Nothing to lose today so I was gifted some of the Holy Grail of rubber in a 1.18grm / metre size a little larger than  had been using, I made 3 X half length motors and 3 X full length motors, initial test with the half length wound to 27 gram / centimetre torque broke a motor on the wind so a second was used, this achieved a flight of 11:15 by far the best test flight this week, the decision was made to wind a full length motor to 28 gram / centimetre for round 5.

Round 5, I got away to an incredible climb to a measured max of 138 feet, measured with a golfing range finder, the model cruised and descended avoiding all wall contact with no steering for a time of 21:06, for me in my first comp in high ceilings an amazing achievement.

Round 6, (final round) used a fresh motor as the previous broke on the wind, this time to 29 gram / centimetre again a  new persona best at a max height of 145 feet, at that point its only 30 feet below the catwalk. Again a safe decent initially but later drifted towards the wall, I attempted a steer but it got away, however a small stall due to air movement caused its direction to change in a favourable direction , the decent continued to a new PB time of 21:36.

So that was it a long weeks flying I learned a huge amount in the company of the best in the world, and an experience I would not wanted to miss for anything, below are the final results listing, I will post a final update with videos when I get back to the UK probably on Thursday.

1 Yuan Kang Lee USA

2 Brett Sangborn USA

3 Cornelliu Mangalea Rom


13 Hans Staartjes UK

15 Anthony Hebb UK

17 Terry Adams UK