F1D World Champs Day 7

25/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor, International Team News

Today is the second of the World Championships and our 6th day in the mine, rounds 3 and 4 have been flown with some interesting results, from a personal perspective I needed to do a lot to improve on yesterdays dismal performance and think I came away successful. Air conditions in the mine were near … Read More

F1D World Champs Day Sunday

25/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor, International Team News

Arrived at the mines at 07:45 straight into practice until 09:00, at 09:00 round one starts, each competitor flies one flight per round, conditions early were very good with negligible drift, early in the round Ivan Treger (Slovakia) set a 27:37 flight, the UK team started off with Hans who got a 22:22 flight in … Read More

F1D World Champs day 4  official practice

24/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor

Early start, breakfast at 06:30, buses to the mine arrive at 07:30 Today is a day of free practice allowing competitors to finalise model set up for main and reserve models, not a great deal happening except get flights in, check and confirm trim, speculate on the drift for the competition days and get around … Read More

F1D World Champs Day 3 Otto Hints Trophy

22/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor

Friday and things are hotting up (as far as they can in a cold Salt mine), UK team used the day mostly for setting up and practice, strangely Tony’s No 1 model sustained damage overnight and had a broken tailplane in the morning setting him back by several hours. The first full motor flights were … Read More

F1D World champs update 21/03/2024

21/03/2024By BMFAAdministratorIndoor

Breakfast at 06:30 buses at 7:30 for an early start to a long day Today is day one of the Otto Hints trophy, this event is open to all European F1D flyers and held in accordance with the current rules, there was a large number of people present, flyers, assistants, time keepers plus others, this … Read More

F9U Drone Racing World Championships, Namwon, Korea, Team GBR Report

10/10/2023By BMFAAdministratorInternational Team News

We have been receiving daily reports from the GBR  F9U Drone Racing Team Manager for the World Championships that have just finished in Korea. You can read the pilot bios and daily reports at https://bmfa.org/gbr-teams/f9u-world-championships. Many thanks to Team Manager David Allen for such interesting daily reports and a huge congratulations for all the Team … Read More

More GBR Medal Success!

17/08/2023By BMFAAdministratorInternational Team News

Congratulations to the GBR F2A Control Line Speed team of Peter Halman, Paul Eisner and David Brewin (pictured with Team Manager, Val James) who have captured a very creditable Team Silver medal at the F2 Control Line European Championships in Wloclawek, Poland. Team Manager Val James has been provided daily updates from the championships which … Read More