The CAA have launched a consultation on their Charges Scheme for 2024/25, with the proposed changes due to come into effect on the 1 April, 2024.

The CAA proposals include a general 5.3% increase with an additional 3% being used to support innovation, which in combination will take the Operator Registration fee (currently £10.33) to £11.19.  Thanks to the input from members last year, the policy for rounding increases to the next full pound has been replaced by a rounding to the next full penny for any fees below a £20 threshold.  Members may be interested to note that without the intervention of the BMFA and its members over recent years, the fee would now be at £22 rather than the £11.19 proposed.

The CAA say that they “welcome comments on all aspects of the proposals, including the charge structures and the level of the charges”, so if Members would like to have a say directly, then please follow this link:  The closing date for responses is the 15th January 2024.