With the relocation of the RAF Red Arrows, and the introduction of the unmanned Protector aircraft to RAF Waddington, the RAF have established a danger area with a radius of 5 nautical miles around RAF Waddington, which is generally active Mon-Fri between 0800-1630hrs.p

Whilst active, the danger area prohibits the operation of any aircraft, including unmanned aircraft.  However, the RAF acknowledge that this restriction may impact upon some BMFA members who have operated in the vicinity of RAF Waddington for a number of years without incident.  As such, we have put in place a letter of agreement between RAF Waddington and the BMFA for the benefit of our members to facilitate access to the airspace wherever possible.

It is possible to see the current status of the danger area and its extent using https://dronesafetymap.com/ or by downloading the Altitude Angel Drone Assist app.

The basic requirement is that any members wanting to operate model aircraft (or drones) within the danger area whilst it is active must obtain approval from the Duty Ops Controller at RAF Waddington and then let them know when they’ve finished.

The following procedures are agreed:

a. No flying is to take place when EGD324A is active, without prior approval from the WAD Duty Ops Controller (DOC), contactable on 01522 726532.

b. Prior to Model Flying. BMFA members are to ring WAD DOC to request permission to fly. They are to provide the DOC with flight levels, duration and area required, as well as a means of communication.

c. On Completion of Flying. BMFA members are to contact the DOC to notify Waddington ATC that they are complete.

d. Suppression of Model Flying can be ordered by WAD ATC via a pre-agreed method of communication.

Further details, including contact numbers, can be found in the Letter of Agreement which is can be downloaded from the link below..

20231030-Letter of Agreement between RAF Waddington and BMFA