Breakfast at 06:30 buses at 7:30 for an early start to a long day

Today is day one of the Otto Hints trophy, this event is open to all European F1D flyers and held in accordance with the current rules, there was a large number of people present, flyers, assistants, time keepers plus others, this had a big effect on conditions which although in such a huge volume of air things were very turbulent indeed.

The UK team of Tony Hebb, Hans Staartjes and myself got on with the business of setting up models and fine tuning, this sounds far easier than it is in practice but by the end of the day we had all may good progress, Hans had three models making incredible heights on half motors, Tony had two models set up for good performsnce and myself was lagging somewhat behind, however a lot was learned with the bonus of conditions likely to improve as the week progress with more order and structure to the fliers placememt and less public to stir the air up, apparently a person standing can produce 30 watts per hour, so 100 people make the equivalent of a 3Kw electiric fire, that is where the turbulence comes from.

None of the UK team make any official flights on day one but at least I squeezed in a single full motor flight.

Couple of photos attached showing miners in the 1960’s and a general view of the amount of fliers present in the large hall  well over 100yards long