On the 15th May 2022 BMFA members across the UK came together at 12 noon to collectively attempt to set a new record for the greatest number of model aircraft of all types in the air at one time at BMFA affiliated clubs around the UK. The attempt was one of a number of events celebrating the BMFA / SMAE Centenary.  We achieved a new BMFA National absolute record of 3109 model aircraft and drones in the air at 263 flying sites across the UK.

By popular demand we are now pleased to launch the 2023 record attempt where we hope to smash both the number or aircraft in the air but also the number of flying site locations.

Location, date, time
The record will be set using model aircraft and drones of all types and be a mass participation event at BMFA and SAA clubs and other flying sites throughout the UK. The attempt will take place on the 14th May 2023 at 12 noon. The record will be for the total number of aircraft in the air at 12 noon on the 14th May 2023 simultaneously across the UK 

Participants must hold current BMFA, British Drone Flyers or BMFA Youth Group membership or Scottish Aeromodellers Association membership.

There is no requirement for individual pilots to register with the BMFA in advance of the record attempt.

Members taking part in the attempt at their own club site should ensure they have registered with the Record Attempt Co-ordinator for their club.

Country members, or those wishing to take part as a guest of another club should contact the Record Attempt Co-ordinator at the flying site they would like to take part at, in advance of the record attempt.

Flying Site Location Registration
Any location where the attempt will be taking place needs to be registered in advance. (Closing date for location registration is Friday 12th May) To register your flying site as a Record Attempt Location please complete the online form below.

Models and eligibility
All types of model aircraft and drones will be eligible to participate in the record attempt. Models must be flown in accordance with the BMFA and local flying site rules.  The record attempt can take place outdoors or indoors at any suitable flying site.

To maximise the number of models in flight and based on the size of the flying site with careful planning it may be possible to fly radio models, control models and small free flight models such as the BMFA Dart or chuck gliders in a mass launch. Of course safe flying is paramount 

Record attempt co-ordinator
A club record attempt co-ordinator must be appointed for each participating location. They will be responsible for ensuring all participants are recorded for the attempt and and submitting the required information for record verification.

In order for this to happen we need evidence to support each claim.

Submitting Participation Details
A detailed instruction pack will be distributed to clubs and co-ordinators nearer the time.

Thank you for your interest in participating in this unique and monumental record and hopefully we will be successful in creating another memorable event.

If there are any questions about the above, please contact the event co-ordinator, Andy Symons, andy@bmfa.org

We are very excited to be attempting this record and would love your club to be a part of this amazing event.

Flying site registration for the record attempt has now closed. Your members may still be able to take part by contacting a local club that is accepting guest flyers.