F3A (or Precision Aerobatics or Pattern) flying is the discipline of performing a set sequence of manoeuvers with a model aircraft. All R/C pilots can easily get into flying pattern aerobatics.
All you need is an aircraft that can loop, roll and fly inverted.

Pilots progress through a series of classes with increasing levels of manoeuver difficulty, with the top class being “FAI”, a class flown around the world with the same sequences.

Pattern is arguably the most graceful of the R/C flying disciplines, as the overall flight is assessed based on precision (or geometry), smoothness and gracefulness, positioning (display), and size of maneuvers.  The attraction is the pursuit of perfection – always pushing to achieve that perfect flight.

Flying pattern also allows the pilot develop a set of skills that transition well into jets, scale, IMAC and many other disciplines.  You can usually tell a pattern flyer by how smoothly they fly even the most difficult to tame model.

The UKF3A Aerobatics is appointed as a specialist body of the BMFA to organise and promote F3A precision aerobatic flying.

F3A Aerobatics is a section of our sport which is recognised all over the World with international rules. A top competition model has to be less than 2 metres in length and wing span and has to weigh less than 5 kilograms. It can be powered by an internal combustion engine or be electric powered in which case it may have a contra rotating propeller, and have a single wing or bi-plane.

There are many new skills to be accomplished if you want to fly model aircraft and many clubs around the country will help you take the first steps to successful flying.

UKF3A Aerobatics recognise that everyone has to start somewhere and for any pilot who wishes to get involved UKF3A Aerobatics try to make the journey as easy as possible, but most important you should enjoy your flying. For any pilot to reach the high standards required for international competition they need a lot of practice.

Aerobatic flying will probably provide the basics for any type of radio control flying. Whatever model you want to fly, having knowledge of aerobatics will help. We will encourage you to plan your flight well before take-off and during the flight you should know exactly where your model will be at all times, making a safe landing will become second nature.

To help new pilots once the very basics of taking off and landing safely have been mastered we provide training sessions for pilots new to aerobatics who are not necessarily members of UKF3A Aerobatics or want to compete, but want to lean to fly their models more precisely and safely with any model that weighs less than 7 kilograms. The Association also run sessions for the seasoned competitor who wants to improve their flying. All these sessions are advertised on our web site and are held at the BMFA National Flying Centre once or twice a month. These will also give you the incentive to do more than just fly your model at your club field, it will add purpose to your flying.

Many volunteers want to help promote our sport but it is recognised that all our members are committed to help others to improve their flying and even at our competitions where some pilots may be competing for a GBR Team place to represent the UK at World and European Championships, help and advice is always at hand. The camaraderie within UKF3A Aerobatics is unrivalled.

Many fly at competitions to be part of what we do and others are highly competitive, but we have no secrets, we don’t need to conceal anything we do because all our members achieve their aims and success with putting in as much or as little practice as they have time for. Many pilots take their first step to enter one of our competitions which are designed to make it possible for beginners to compete by flying our Clubman schedule.

There is also much more information on our web site at https://www.gbrcaa.org/WP/ where everything is published and it is the source of everything within our Association. After taking your first steps into competition in Clubman (or any of our four schedules you choose, each getting progressively more difficult) our National Leagues make it possible to progress at your own speed, which always make sure you have something to aim for.

If you wish to come and join us why not look in at one of our competitions or book a session on one of our Introduction to Aerobatics days at BMFA Buckminster.

If you need more information please email pro@gbrcaa.org