All forms of "Aero Modelling" can provide a huge amount of enjoyment for the participant, however to get the most amount of bang for your buck you really need to try flying Gas Turbine powered model aircraft.
Come along to one of the "Jet Modellers Association" Meetings close your eyes and you could be on a full size military airfield. The sounds, the very sweet scent of burnt kerosene, it is a very heady mix, and a sport that is highly addictive.

If you are competent B'cert holder you will already possess 90 percent of the skills required to be a successful Jet Modeler, key differences are lack of prop wash over the elevators, a Gas Turbine has a very small amount of lag on opening the power lever compared to a piston engine, and lastly managing energy.

A few flights with an experienced Jet Flyer standing beside you will soon have you enjoying the most exhilarating form of model flying there is.

There are additional safety practices that need to be endeared to when operating Gas Turbines, however overall they are very user friendly, just fuel and fly.

Like most aero-modeling sports if you adopt a professional attitude to your build, preparation, and operation of your model you will be rewarded with one of the best best experiences in model flying.

Cost is always a factor in any sport,and some of the demonstration pilots fly very expensive models at the shows throughout the season.

However it is possible to get in to the air with a Gas Turbine package at no greater cost than many other disciplines in our sport, and sometimes less.

Seek assistance from a a Jet Modeler you know, or through the J.M.A as to the most suitable model and equipment for you.

The J.M.A also organises a number of Jet Meetings at various airfields throughout the summer providing suitable venues for Jet Flying.

Using the contact details on the JMA website, or through the BMFA take a look at future meetings and come along and have a chat, the Jet meetings at the BMFA Buckminster Lodge are well worth a visit with ample facilities for wife's and girlfriends too.

Fly Safe