Fun Fly is a great way to get in to competition flying, it is affordable, easily accessible and can be a great addition to activities at any model flying club.

It is also highly entertaining, exciting to take part in or to watch and above all a whole load of FUN!

The British Fun Fly Association (BFFA) are a BMFA specialist body and organise Fun Fly competion on behalf of the BMFA in the UK.

Fun Fly evolved all over the country in the 1960’s and first became an event at the BMFA Power National Championships in 1985. It forms the basis of many of the country’s club’s competitions using ‘normal’ club sport models.

Obviously at National level, the models become a lot more specialised, but basically it’s designed so that anyone can have a go and enter into competition flying with minimal expense.

The competitions themselves vary from old favourites like Touch & Go, Limbo and Climb & Glide to the newer tasks such as Balloon Bursting, Water Carrying, Spins & Spot and much more. This large range of competitions is designed to be appealing to everyone, whatever their skill at Fun Fly and brings a whole different dimension to club flying, bringing clubs together with everyone looking forward to a Fun Fly day!

They also serve to improve pilot skill, confidence and give flyers a sense of purpose together with a healthy competitive spirit, both at club and National level.

Many individuals tend to be put off entering any sort of competition as they think it is far too serious and intense for them. With Fun Fly that doesn’t have to be the case and by entering a club level, or even a National Fun Fly competition everyone can enjoy a good competitive event in a very informal, relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The British Fun Fly Association helps clubs and individuals organise competitions as well as inter club, area and National competitions and fly-ins. At most of their Fun Fly days they run two classes - one for the average club flyer starting out in competition and the other for the expert Fun Flyers, which at the top level, it is a very skilful and incredibly exciting to watch. Some Fun Fly pilots  also fly other disciplines at top level, but they also keep coming back to the Fun Fly as there is nothing quite like the adrenaline, excitement and intensity of two minutes going under the Limbo!

The BFFA are passionate about Fun Fly, mainly due to the enjoyment and satisfaction that it has given to them over the years and they just want to give as many individuals and clubs as possible the opportunity to take part and enjoy it too. The BFFA want to show that competition flying can be very rewarding, exciting and above all FUN.

For more details, rules, articles, results, pictures and lots more, please visit the BFFA website at From there you can also contact the BFFA who would be happy to answer any questions you have about the wonderful world of Fun Fly.