Psst, don't spread the word: would you like to challenge your manual dexterity and blow your mind?

Try F1D indoor duration flying. F is for free flight, D is for duration, as in how long can you get your model to fly on a .400g of rubber loop. And "1?" Not really sure, but let's say 1.4 , as in build a model with a 55cm wingspan that weighs no more than 1.4g.

Yep, very light, as in £20 note light!

"Ah", I hear you say "I can't possibly build that mate!"

Well, try a Penny Plane first. It will wean you off mindless telly, and your mind will take you places you never knew existed.....

.....and then you may find yourself at the cathedral of indoor flying: the salt mine in Slanic, Romania competing for team GB.


Read more about Indoor Duartion flying at the website of the BMFA Indoor Technical Committee