<p>World Championship Team Bronze for GBR!</p>
<p>The 2018 F1D Indoor Duration team of Mark Benns, Tony Hebb and Hans Staartjes took the Team Bronze medal at the recently concluded FAI F1D World Championship held in West Baden Springs, USA. The team was in team gold medal position, with the three team members in the top four individual placings, for the first four rounds of the six round competition. Flying conditions – for these pilots that means “the air” – changed dramatically on the final day when rounds five &amp; six were flown. With no chance of training in the new air, the team were faced with a monumental effort to retain their positions. They worked incredibly hard but slipped back to individual places of 4th for Mark, 9th for Tony and 17th for Hans. Nonetheless this secured the Team Bronze medal for them and it is no mean feat to bring back a medal from a World Championship where the team was competing against the very best not just from Europe but from the world. Jo Halman was proud &amp; honoured to be their Team Manager.</p>
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