Hopefully you are already aware of the 2023 attempt to beat the record for the largest number of model aircraft in the air simultaneously that we set last year and I hope that your club is considering joining in. It certainly proved an excellent day for those that took part last year. For further details and to register your clubs participation please see https://bmfa.org/2023-record

I would also like to take this opportunity to launch a new mass participation event for 2023. A charity distance challenge,

‘Around the World in 8 Hours’

We hope as many clubs as possible will join in this cumulative distance challenge to fly, at least, the equivalent distance of a complete circumnavigation of the globe. A total of  40,075km, of course we would love to smash that distance if possible.

The will take place using model aircraft and drones of all types and be a mass participation event at BMFA clubs and other flying sites throughout the UK. The attempt will take place between 1st July and 9th July 2023 and is open to BMFA, British Drone Flyers and Scottish Aeromodellers Association members, as well as guest/trial flyers at your site on the day. This should be another opportunity to get the BBQ going and enjoy a great social and family occasion at  your club.

We also hope as many clubs as possible will use this opportunity to raise money for local charities, there is no doubt raising money for local charities is a great way of promoting your club and engaging positively with your local community. Having said that, raising money isn’t a requirement of participation.

For more details of this challenge please see https://bmfa.org/2023-distance

If you have any questions at all please get in touch.

Best Regards

Andy Symons
BMFA Club Support Officer