On the 15th May 2022 BMFA members across the UK came together at 12 noon to collectively attempt to set a new record for the greatest number of model aircraft of all types in the air at one time at BMFA affiliated clubs around the UK. The attempt was one of a number of events celebrating the BMFA / SMAE Centenary.

We are pleased to report after checking the submitted results from each of the clubs participating that we had a total of 3109 models in the air at 12 noon and that 263 BMFA affiliated clubs took part. We have therefore achieved a new BMFA National absolute record. We will be submitting a dossier to the FAI for the issue of the Diploma to acknowledge the achievement and, when successfully issued, apply for a World Record.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and the clubs hosting the attempt. It has been a fantastic event and has exceeded our expectations for participation and enthusiasm for all involved. Clubs around the country have made the event more than just a flight around 12 noon. Some have opened their doors to non-club modellers, some have held social events, some airshows, and some used it as a chance to engage fliers of all ages. It has been a superb community building activity.

We would also like to thank the press and TV for all of the coverage which has been achieved, which has given positive exposure to the sport.

We plan to hold an ‘In the air’ webinar briefing on the event sometime in early July to give an update on the FAI Diploma and provide some statistics for the event. We also would like your viewpoint as well and there will be an opportunity to share thoughts and good practice. More details will follow.

Thank you all again for making the attempt so successful.

Yours Sincerely

Simon Vaitkevicius – BMFA Records Officer

23rd May 2022