The CAA have issued the latest general exemption which removes the requirement to register as an SUA operator directly with the CAA for members who joined or renew with the BMFA on or after 15th June 2020, for a period of 90 days.

Members who wish to register with the CAA through the BMFA should select CAA registration when they join or renew.

There will be regular bulk uploads to the CAA and those requesting to be registered with the CAA when joining or renewing membership will receive their Operator IDs by email direct from the CAA at a point within the 90 day period. The CAA registration will be valid for 12 months from the date the Operator ID is issued.

The exemption along with a copy of your membership document should be either downloaded to your mobile phone or printed out and carried with you when flying.

The exemption can be downloaded from the link below.

Small Unmanned Aircraft – SUA Operator Registration Requirements for New Members of the BMFA

 Registrations for those who requested it after 10th February up to 15th June are with the CAA and being processed and your Operator IDs should arrive imminently.

Any member who has been issued with an Operator ID must now have it on/in their aircraft.

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