The CAA have today published an update to CAP1789, which details the EU regulations for unmanned aircraft.  Please see .

The regulations were due to come into effect on the 1 July, but due to disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic they will not now come into effect until 31 December.

The important point for members to note is that the specific reference to model flying remains unchanged:

Model aircraft

Additional provisions are made within the regulation to cater for operations, including registration and remote pilot competence, under the framework of model aircraft clubs or associations under a separate authorisation that can be negotiated with, and issued by, the CAA.

The only requirement mandated for our members by the EU regulations is operator registration.  Absolutely everything else is subject to what we can agree with the CAA within the terms of our Article 16 Authorisation.  Work is currently underway on this and we will be resuming negotiations with the CAA later this month.

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