Following the changes to the Air Navigation Order (ANO) which came into effect today, we have received a number of queries from members and clubs regarding the status of the existing CAA Permission to operate model aircraft (not including multi-rotors) of less than 7Kg above 400ft (and also the FPV Exemption) issued last year for the benefit of those operating within one of the recognised UK Associations.

The Permission/Exemption documents require updates to reflect the recent changes to the text of the ANO which the CAA have agreed, but we are still awaiting publication.  In the interim, the CAA have confirmed that the existing Permission/Exemption remain effective.  Details of the existing Permission/Exemption can be found here:

As such (unless you are operating within a Flight Restriction Zone) it remains business as usual and aircraft of less than 7Kg can continue to be operated above 400ft.

We will publish details of the amended Permission/Exemption documents as they become available.

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