The CAA have recently launched a consultation on a review of the current regulations for unmanned aircraft systems along with the introduction of some new requirements including Remote I.D.

The proposals include a simplification of the current Open Category requirements which would see the operational sub-categories re-named to ‘Over’, ‘Near’ and ‘Far’, in relation to the operating proximity to uninvolved persons.

Whilst most of the proposals have little impact on model flying conducted within the framework of an Association under an Article 16 Authorisation, the introduction of Remote I.D. requirements may present a challenge for us.  At present, it is anticipated that model flying conducted under an Article 16 Authorisation at approved sites using aircraft within a certain (as yet unspecified) definition will be exempted from the requirement.  However, at present, this would mean that those operating away from ‘approved’ sites would require Remote I.D. on aircraft (unless the aircraft is less than 250g and without a camera).

We are in the process of formulating a response to the consultation and will issue further guidance in due course.

The closing date for responses to the consultation is 10 January 2024 and you can find the full details here: