David Lloyd-Jones  –  1937 – 2022

David passed away on 31st March 2022.

David was born in Aberystwyth on 10th January 1937. He leaves a son, Ian, a recently deceased daughter, Tracy, and two grandchildren, to whom he was totally devoted, Jessica and Joshua.

He started aeromodelling at the age of 10, and he also had a great interest in motor sport.

After leaving school, he completed a 5-year aircraft engineering apprenticeship at De Havilland Aircraft factory before carrying out his national service with the Royal Air Force.

After retiring at the age of 51 he offered his services to the BMFA and held many positions including, amongst others, Director of the Society as Delegate for the BMFA North-West Area, Area Chief Examiner and Chairman of the BMFA North West area between 2008 and 2018.

His life certainly did revolve around the world of aeromodelling.

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