<p>Paul Eisner took the individual gold medal and the crown of World Champion in F2A Speed at the 2016 World Championships in Perth, Australia that finished yesterday. Peter Halman took the individual silver medal.</p>
<p>Paul’s fastest flight of the four official flights permitted was 304.3 kph and Peter’s fastest flight was 303.0 kph. Of the eight official flights, seven were over the 300 kph mark! Peter with 303.0, 302.9, 303.0 and 300.7. Paul’s flights were: 302.3, 304.3, 301.8 and with his 4th flight he dipped just below the 300 at 299.5.</p>
<p> Unfortunately, this year the team was only a 2-man team and, therefore, not eligible for Team medals of which the Team Gold would undoubtedly have been theirs for the 20th year in succession by this extraordinarily talented team running “Halman Specials” – the world-beating F2A speed engines designed and built by Peter Halman.</p>
<p>Congratulations to Paul, the new World Champion, and to Peter for designing the world’s fastest F2A Speed engine.</p>

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