<p>John Frederick Reid ( Jack) 23-12-1932 -01-07- 2020</p>
<p>By 1974 Jack was building models suitable for serious competition and indeed did try out for and successfully won a place on the Canadian F1B team to attend the World Championships to be held in Bulgaria in 1975.    In Bulgaria the Canadian team won the bronze medal in F1B.  They would have had silver if Jack hadn’t set the timer wrongly on his last flight.  Forty years later he was still kicking himself for that one. </p>
<p>In 1976 he again made the Canadian team this time winning the Wakefield cup to his great delight.  In 1977 he competed in Denmark on a wet and windy day dominated by the Koreans.  However, he had fun.</p>
<p>Jack decided to move into indoor models. He built a number of scale models then branched out into his own designs and started moving into electric flight.  While he was still able to fly outdoors he built experimental models of an F1B size that were electric powered.  These he called Phoebes.</p>
<p>He published the plans for one indoor model PUSH-E a small electric model that was well received.  Wherever he lived, he actively encouraged others to enjoy model flying in all its forms as he was only too aware of the increasing age of club members and dwindling numbers.</p>
<p>Jack developed two kinds of dementia – Alzheimer’s and Fronto–temporal.  He was never one to do things by halves.  However the dementia did affect his ability to concentrate and he gave up his modelling suddenly.  He got rid of all his modelling equipment and models, destroying some he suddenly no longer cared for to my chagrin. </p>
<p>Jack declined slowly and sadly, losing his quality of life as well as his ability to express himself.  This was a sad end for one formerly so articulate and so able. Jack was many things for me but most of all a friend and support for many, many years.  It doesn’t seem possible that he is gone.  To those of you who knew him, he represents another one of the old school of DIY modellers gone.  Make your own propeller moulds, carve this, make that, do it yourself at its best.  If you missed him as a model builder, then you missed someone special.</p>

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