<p>His signature tune was contained within his telephone answering message <em>“Sorry John is not here to take your call. If it is to do with the Church or aeromodelling, please, please leave a message and John will get back to you.”</em> This message explained his wide range of friends. His work for the Church will be spoken of elsewhere.</p>
<p>For many years, John along with his brother Eric, were to be seen on the BMFA Stand at the Power Nationals and at all the shows within their Area. John was a member of the BMFA Executive for years. For part of that time he served as the BMFA’s PRO. In 1995, for his many services to aeromodelling, he was awarded the most prestigious British Aeromodelling award. He was made a Fellow of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers.</p>
<p>Within the BMFA Mid West Area, he was at various times; Chairman, Secretary and Delegate.</p>
<p>He had an active model club life. His first club was in Glasgow between 1941 and 1942. Then his family moved to Penarth, South Wales where John’s Mother opened her model shop. Probably as a result of this activity and aided by their Mother the Henderson brothers started a model club in 1947.</p>
<p>Latterly, John was a member of the Barry Club, the South Wales R/C Society and both brothers were honorary members of the Llanelli Club.</p>
<p>After a long degenerative illness John died in St David’s Hospital, Cardiff on the 6<sup>th</sup> March. His requiem mass was on the 19<sup>th</sup> March at St Augustine’s Church, Penarth, followed by a service at Thorn Hill Crematorium. Many aeromodelling friends attended.</p>

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