<p>It is with great sadness we inform everyone that Malcolm (Mac) Taylor passed away on July 30th 2016.</p>
<p>Malcolm was a member of the BMFA for several years including the SMAE. He was a Chief Examiner for the Midlands region for many years in the 1908/90s.</p>
<p>He formed the company of Taylorcraft in the 80s. During this time he became known to many people across the country selling and delivering to the model shops for Taylorcraft and also at shows and exhibitions including the Model Engineer Show in London, he also spent many happy hours display flying at flying shows throughout the UK.</p>
<p>His favourite venue being Old Warden in Bedfordshire. He was a very keen builder and was throughout his years of modelling a member of Walsall, Cannock and Fradley (SCMC) Model Aero Clubs.</p>
<p>He will be sadly missed by his family and friends</p>
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