<p>Mike Knapp, Chairman of the Beaufort Model Flying Club, passed away on 11<sup>th</sup> August 2019 aged 84 after a short illness. The Beaufort MFC was formed in the early 70s and steadily expanded to become one of the largest in the Western Area. Mike joined the club in the early 80s and, with his son Ivor, flew a wide range of models. Mike and Ivor were early ‘Bishops’ and flew exciting fast IC powered models in duo routines. Mike was a skilful model builder and an early and enthusiastic convert to electric power. He became Chairman of the club in 1997 and played a full and active role in all club activities and new initiatives. A few days before his death, Mike was organising further improvements to our flying field having negotiated an enlargement of the field last year. His 22 years of leadership and example has left the club in a strong position and he will be remembered fondly by all who knew him.</p>
<p>Mike’s wife Jill regularly accompanied him to both indoor and outdoor flying activities and our thoughts and condolences are with Jill and the family</p>

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