<p>After a long spell in a Perth Western Australia hospital, renowned free flight glider flier, Roy Yeabsley passed away on August 21st 2014.</p>
<p>Roy was a member of the well known Croydon DMAC in the 40's and 50's, becoming one of the country's leading glider exponents of the time, his Revenge A2 design being nominated as the most successful contest glider of the 1950. In that year he had the distinction of winning three of the national trophies, the K&amp;MAA, ME No.2 and SMAE Cups.</p>
<p>Often confused with his twin brother Des, they aquired a reputation for continually arguing on the flying field (and off it probably). Although Roy had considerably more contest success of the two, he never managed to secure a place in one of the International glider teams, unlike Des who qualified forthe 1955 World Championships at Wiesbaden in Germany.</p>
<p>After emigrating to Western Australia some years ago, Roy's interest in model flying was rekindled and he dabbled with R/C electric gliders until failing eyesight made this impossible. His name will be carried forward in aeromodelling history as replicas of his published designs such as Sunspot and Sunbug continue to appear on flying fields, wither in free flight or R/C forms. He is survived by his daughter Sue, who, with her family will be travelling to Perth for the funeral.</p>
<p>Keith Miller</p>

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