<p>British team member Duncan Osbourn took the individual Bronze medal; the British team took the team Silver and our F3N Junior, Aaron Cole, is again Junior World Champion with another Gold medal to add to his collection.</p>
<p>But the individual results show just how hard Duncan, Callum Henson, Dave Fisher and Aaron worked all through the Championship.  At the end of the first day, the GBR team was in the lead but this was a World Championship which is the toughest competitive challenge any flier ever has to face and with world class fliers from eight countries all trying their hardest to be on the winner’s podium clutching a medal, then the going was never going to be easy.</p>
<p>Britain had three pilots in the top 10 for the Finals with Dave Fisher just missing out on a Finals place at overall 12th place.  And, boy, what a Finals it was – nail biting or what!  It must have been nerve-wracking for them all.</p>
<p>After Round 1, Duncan was lying 2nd, Aaron was lying 3rd and Callum was at 9th place.  At the end of Round 2, Duncan had dropped a place; Aaron had moved down to 6th and Callum had maintained his 9th place.  All to fly for in Round 3, the last of the Finals rounds, and Duncan, Aaron and Callum flew their hearts out but Duncan finished this round at 5th, Aaron maintained his 6th place and Callum dropped one place to 10th.</p>
<p>But that was not the end of the story.  The final overall classification had British team members at 3rd, 6th, 9th &amp; 12th places.  Out of the five teams each fielding a junior, only the British team had all four team members in the top 12 places.  That in itself is an astounding result but to add to that the individual bronze medal, the four silver team medals and Aaron’s gold medal then the F3N team clearly had a very successful Championship and they fully deserve their success.</p>

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