The Royal Aero Club Trust has awarded 35 bursaries in 2019 (including four to BMFA members) to enable young air sport enthusiasts to develop and advance their air sport qualifications. The awards were made under the Trust’s flying for youth scheme.

Summer Fisher

Phillip Langham

Among those who were awarded a bursary the following were given special awards, which have been made possible through the generosity of the named benefactors:

Alistair Cunningham, a glider pilot: Patron’s Scholar;

Ellie Marshall, a skydiver, the Peter Cruddas Foundation Scholarship;

Daniel Weston, a glider pilot: the Bramson award;

Phillip Langham (pictured above), an aeromodeller: the Breitling Award;

Summer Fisher (pictured above), an aeromodeller: the George Farhar Award;

Daniel Comerforth, a glider pilot: The John Downer Award;

Michael Bayada, a skydiver: the Brownsword Award;

Callum Fowler-Wright, a skydiver: the Jim Crocker Award.

The 35 recipients of bursary awards included 2 light aircraft pilots; 10 glider pilots; 10 skydivers; 1 paraglider pilot; 1 flight simulator pilot; 4 aeromodellers and 7 advanced awards, provided to representatives of a number of air sports.  All will use the opportunities that they have been given to enhance their qualifications and a number will enter national and international competitions. The Trust wishes those who will enter competitions every success in these ventures.


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