<p>We have this morning registered our concern with Martin Rolfe, the CEO of NATS regarding the comments made by their representative at the Select Committee evidence hearing which took place on the 26th June, where 'drone' operators were categorised as either 'clueless, careless or criminal'.</p>
<p>We have received assurances that NATS would never categorise operators in the inappropriate manner described by their representative and they will be taking steps to make sure that the Select Committee understands their position. </p>
<p>NATS have now issued an apology on their website: <a href="https://nats.aero/blog/2019/06/an-apology-to-the-drone-community/?">https://nats.aero/blog/2019/06/an-apology-to-the-drone-community/?</a></p>

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