Team Manager and Assistant Team Manager for the 2023 World Championships for space models.

22/11/2022By BMFAAdministratorTeam Manager Vacancies

OFFICIAL NOTICE The Free Flight Technical Committee invites applications for the posts of Team Manager and Assistant Team Manager for the British Space Models Team (Juniors and Seniors) competing in the 2023 World Championships to be held in Austin, Texas, USA on July 1st – 8th. The role of the Team Manager includes arranging international … Read More

Tony Shortell – 1932 – 2021

28/07/2022By BMFAAdministratorObituaries

Why do we take part in hobbies, past times, and sport? Out of work activities allow us to get away from the stresses and strains of the real world and meet people in a social environment. We make friends, often for life, with people who share common interests and passion. Most of us will have … Read More

***UPDATED 22/6/2020*** Small Unmanned Aircraft – Remote Pilot Competency Requirements for Remote Pilots in Possession of a BMFA Achievement Certificate and for Control Line flights

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The exemptions from article 94F of the Air Navigation Order, (see ) has been extended until 30th December 2020 when the CAA intend to introduce the new European UAS Regulations at which point the exemptions should be incorporated in to the specific permission that is being negotiated with the CAA for BMFA members and members of … Read More

CAA Updates CAP1789 – New European UAS Regulations: General Outline

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The CAA have today published an update to CAP1789, which details the EU regulations for unmanned aircraft.  Please see . The regulations were due to come into effect on the 1 July, but due to disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic they will not now come into effect until 31 December. The important point … Read More

UPDATE – CAA Exemptions from the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DMARES)

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There appears to be a considerable amount of myth and misinformation circulating about the status of the exemptions issued by the CAA including those which recognise BMFA Achievements and exempt members from registering as Operators by the 30th November (and doing it instead as part of their BMFA Membership Renewal).  Full details of the CAA … Read More