Guide on Club Policy - Generic Template

A Generic Template for adaption by clubs is at Appendix A.  It is not definitive and clubs should be aware that it may have to be tailored to meet the club’s requirements and the individual needs of its members.  However, it does provide a starting point for the formulation of club policy and identification of responsibilities.

It should be noted that any disclaimer attempting to deny a club’s duty of care to any member, particularly junior or vulnerable adult members, is not acceptable in law.

If there are a number of welfare issues that your club needs to address on a regular basis, it can be very much to the club’s advantage to appoint a member as the Welfare Officer. This person can act as a focal point for all welfare issues and be a point of contact for parents, guardians and carers. Ideally, the member should have experience of working (including model flying instruction) with children or vulnerable adults but if this is not the case then the club should contact the BMFA Safeguarding Team who can advise on appropriate training.

Responsibility for children and vulnerable adults is shared between the parents, guardians or carers and the club members and should be well publicised to ensure that all are aware of the division of responsibilities. A copy the rules including the recommended note to guardians and carers should be given to parents and carers.