Guidelines for Parents, Guardians and Carers

Before entrusting your child or vulnerable adult to his or her club you should check that:

  • The club has a published policy to promote the care and welfare of children and vulnerable adults with which you are content.
  • There are procedures in place should you wish to voice concerns.
  • That those working with children and vulnerable adults are carefully selected and cleared to do so.
  • That the club encourages the involvement of parents, guardians and carers.
  • Should physical contact be deemed appropriate for any reason, such as for instructional purposes, you have given your consent in writing detailing the limits and type of contact to which you agree.
  • Should your child or adult for whom you care have any medical or special need that you inform the club in writing.
  • Should the Club wish to use a photograph of your child or that you provide your written consent.
  • That the Club has a means of contacting you in case of an accident or emergency.

 Do encourage your child or adult  to talk about their training and the club environment and ensure that they know how to express their concerns if they are unhappy about any aspect of their care. If you have any doubts, contact the nominated club representative or contact any of the help lines at the end of this document.