Role Of The Club Welfare Officer

Where appropriate, Clubs appoint a Welfare Officer whose role is to:

  • Help the club follow the guidelines laid down in this document.
  • Ensure that new initiatives and information from the BMFA are communicated to the club and its members.
  • Ensure that welfare and care of children and vulnerable adults is an item on the club committee meeting agendas.
  • Ensure that all club members working with children or vulnerable adults are suitable to do so.
  • Assist club members with their initial application to work with children or vulnerable adults.
  • Liaise with the BMFA Safeguarding Team on children and vulnerable adult issues.

The role of the Club Welfare Officer does not require him/her to be the recipient and 'solver' of club problems relating to children or vulnerable adults. Junior members will talk to those with whom they feel most confident and not necessarily to the Club Welfare Officer.

Who the club selects as its Club Welfare Officer is its decision but it should take reasonable steps to ensure that the chosen person has the ability to do the job and is appropriate to do so.